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haythamkenway-atyourservice asked:

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6: Favorite Band
I don’t really have a favorit. I’m listening to many kinds of music. But I love Game Soundtracks.

12: Ideas of a perfect date
A perfect date? Well that’s a tough one. Now you got me! Uh…let me think about it….
A quiet place where not much is going on, you know? Too many people or too loud/chaotic things all around you aren’t good for anything. I don’t really know what I’d like to do. Just spending some time together. Even if it’s just sharing a meal or something.
I’m horrible…ugh…
I like the night. It should be dawn or just very late in the evening and last till it’s dark. The end of it depends what happened before.
May I tell you something? I never had a real date to be honest! No one ever asked me out. ^^”’

17: A fact about your life
What should I tell you?
I’m a very emotional person. So it’s often hard for me to get over things that really touch me. A persons death for example.

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